How to Choose Perfect Children's Bedding?

Regardless of whether it is intended for a child or adults, choosing the right bedding will have an impact on our good night's rest and satisfaction. Let's start with the design, which certainly distinguishes La Millou from the competition. Our unique kids bedding is designed with a sense of style and trends in colors, patterns, and decorations.

However, everyday use and functionality also matter, which is why we are pioneers in children's bedding with filling on the European market. Thanks to this solution, our bedding sets are primarily convenient to use because there is no need to buy pillowcases separately, and the entire set can be machine washed. The highest quality fabrics used as components ensure long-lasting use. Our customers often use our bedding for many years, and it still looks good. The range of childrens bedding is complemented by decorative pillows too, and each set is additionally adorned with a heart. In our store, you will find bedding for toddlers, the youngest kids as well as for teens.

Quality of Kids Bedding with Filling

You will no longer need separate twin duvet covers. Our kids bedding is ready to use.

The filling is sewn inside the outer fabrics, so it does not shift during use and washing, and you do not need additional pillowcases.

The aesthetic, clear, precise stitching guarantees years of enjoyment.

Our fairytale bedding is sewn by hand with the highest precision and using the best quality materials.

The fabric and print have the OEKO-TEX 100 Class I certification.

What is a Kids Bedding Sets with Filling?

Child's Bedding with filling is a bedroom set consisting of a duvet and a pillow or two pillows (depending on the size) with anti-allergic filling sewn inside.

They can be machine washed, and thanks to their properties, they can be quickly dried.

They differ from traditional bedding in terms of ease of room use because there is no need to put them in separate covers, saving additional cost.

How to Choose Children's Bedding?

Choosing children's bedding has a big impact on a child's peaceful sleep. It is also important to pay attention to safety, for example, ensuring that the dyes used for prints and blankets have certificates and are tested for substances approved for children.

We offer bedding sets made of cotton, bamboo, and muslin. The warmth of the bedding depends on the type of fabric and filling.

Bamboo crib bedding is particularly recommended as baby bedding for summer, as it is very gentle on the baby's delicate skin.

We also have muslin bedding, which is an intermediate solution.

Cotton bedding will provide comfort and a peaceful sleep for the child on cooler nights.

Bedding Set - What are their unique features?

By choosing La Millou, you opt for beautiful bedding.

Our bedding is made from premium materials.

The available bedding sizes fit most children's beds of different ages, but we also offer larger bedding in XXL size for adults.

We use anti-allergic fillings, and our cotton fabrics have OEKO-TEX 100 Class I certificates.

What are the Beddings Filled with?

The filling consists of anti-allergic siliconized fibers.

How to Wash La Millou Bedding?

You can wash it in the washing machine at a temperature of 30°C, using a gentle cycle with a maximum of 800 rotations per minute during spinning.

Do not use bleach, and we do not recommend hand washing.

Do not tumble dry the bedding as it may negatively affect its lifespan.

We recommend drying it flat. Do not expose the washed product to prolonged sunlight as it may weaken the fibers and cause color fading.

If you intend to iron the bedding, you can iron the bamboo fabric only, at a temperature of up to 110°C.

For hygiene reasons, it is recommended to wash the bedding before first use according to the instructions on the label.

Cotton Bedding Set

It is made of cotton with a dense weave.

Cotton bedding has anti-allergic filling sewn inside, providing comfort.

Muslin Bedding Set

Muslin bedding is a lighter option for warmer nights.

Our sets have stylish quilting and are offered in trendy colors. The bedding has anti-allergic filling sewn inside.

Bamboo Bedding - Bamboo

Bamboo bedding is significantly lighter than cotton and more breathable, making it ideal for warm summer nights.

It also has cooling properties. The bedding has anti-allergic filling sewn inside.

Hey, but that's not all

A good night's sleep and love for a child is every mother's happiness.

With La Millou, you get the best children's bedding set and find the perfect bedding suitable for you. Wide choice, many styles, range of colors, swift delivery and complete satisfaction.

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